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Face Care

The STR face care range is a concentrated blend of skin care research and cutting-edge technology. Rich in natural ingredients that have been specially selected for their effectiveness in caring for facial skin, these products provide deep nourishment for the epidermis, and promote cellular regeneration.

face and body scrub

Lime tree and calcium

with entirely plant-based exfoliating grains, this scrub is gentle on the skin but provides a deep, effective clean. it eliminates impurities and excess cells, helping the skin to breathe and favouring the oxygenation of cutaneous tissue, which in turn promotes cellular renewal. the special blend of prized ingredients lends this product antioxidant, hydrating and soothing properties. as such, it can be used on the face or on the body.

Directions: apply to damp skin, gently massaging on to affected areas, and in particular where there is the greatest build-up of dead cells. rinse with plenty of water and apply an appropriate cream for your skin type.

Add 200 ml | 25

Cleansing milk and toner ml 200

Rose and copper

Suitable for all skin types, this combined cleansing milk and toner eliminates all forms of impurity and removes make-up effortlessly. It also has a restorative action, and improves oxygenation of the tissue, rebalancing the skin’s natural ph.

Directions: the special two-in-one formulation means you can use this product in two ways, with or without rinsing. Massage the product gently into the skin of the face, neck and décolletage.

Add 200 ml | 22

Purifying cream

Witch-hazel and sulphur

A treatment for combination and oily skin types that rebalances skin ph and helps restore elasticity, firmness and moisture while preserving a dry, matte texture. Also suited to skin affected by acne, it mitigates sebaceous secretions and the appearance of blackheads.

Directions: apply a small quantity of cream to the face and neck each morning and evening, having first cleaned the affected area gently but thoroughly. Rub in until completely absorbed.

Add 50 ml | 45

Luminous-effect face mask

Thermal mud and verbena

Purifying, detoxifying and hydrating thermal mud mask. The mud from our thermal springs is rich in precious minerals and softens expression lines by stimulating skin renewal. Combined with natural active ingredients, like verbena and bisabolol, it forms a product with soothing, hydrating properties that restore luminosity to the face.

Directions: having cleaned the face and neck thoroughly, apply the mask evenly and leave in place for at least 10 minutes. At the end of this period, rinse with plenty of water and apply your usual skin cream. The convenient, single-dose portions mean you always have a fresh, ready-to-use product to hand.

Add single dose 10 ml | 3

Instant lifting serum

Acmella oleracea and magnesium

This innovative, instant-action serum owes its anti-wrinkle effects to an original formula that combines a range of active ingredients to fill and tighten the skin. It helps counteract all issues associated with loose, ageing skin, offering the face long-lasting tone and firmness.

Directions: carefully apply a few drops of serum to the skin of the face, massaging it in until completely absorbed. If required, follow with an application of skin cream. a great pre-make-up treatment.

Add 30 ml | 56