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body care

The STR Body Care Range is the culmination of a process of meticulous, methodical research: nature and cosmetics in perfect harmony.

From the beneficial properties of medicinal plants to body muds from the terme san giovanni spa, these products allow your body to rediscover its natural sense of health and well-being.

Toning, slimming [cellulite reduction] body cream

Helichrysum and copper

The synergistic combination of active ingredients in our helichrysum and copper cream exercises an energising effect on cell metabolism, aiding the process of lipolysis and inhibiting the appearance of new adipocytes. It lends the skin a firm, modelled appearance, reducing the visual signs of cellulite and helping to improve microcirculation and tissue drainage.

Directions: apply daily all over the body, massaging deeply until fully absorbed, particularly on affected areas.

Add 200 ml | 45

Soothing hand cream

With jojoba oil and honey

A pampering, repair treatment for the hands, this cream was specially formulated to protect and moisturise skin that has been damaged by external agents or exposure to detergents. Instantly absorbed, it will leave your hands feeling soft and velvety smooth.

Directions: use as need, especially in anticipation.

100 ml | 12

Protective hair veil

Rice oil and lemon balm

A product developed to protect hair from the effects of solar radiation, salt water and mineral-rich spa waters. It acts like a protective film, ensuring hair remains moisturised and allowing it to breathe naturally. Made with 100% plant-based components that are suitable for all hair types. long-lasting water resistance.

Directions: spray generously directly on to the hair. Ensure the product is distributed evenly along the length of the hair. Easily removed by a single wash with shampoo.

Add 125 ml | 19

Revitalising foot salts

With sixteen medicinal plants

Footbath salts enriched with enough medicinal plants to fill an italian renaissance garden. Ideal for revitalising tired, swollen feet after at the end of a long day’s walking or intense sporting activity. Dissolved in a footbath, they will soothe pain and leave your feet refreshed, soft and perfumed.

Directions: dissolve two tablespoons of the salts in warm water in a footbath. Leave feet immersed to soak for at least ten minutes, massaging gently in a circular motion.

Add | 15

Draining action body

Horse-chestnut and bladderwrack

A unique formula, with a special draining action, that helps combat the unsightly effects of cellulite and promotes microcirculation. The vasoprotective and soothing properties of horse chestnut and bladderwrack help improve the appearance of the legs and leave a gentle feeling of freshness.

Directions: apply by massaging slowly into the skin of affected areas. Warning: do not use on the abdominal area.

Add 200 ml | 45