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Body Treatments

We offer a wide variety of regenerative and rebalancing treatments which will leave you with a deep sense of wellbeing.

Soothing & Moisturising Treatment

Thanks to the mineral content of the body mask, this treatment cleanses the skin, leaving it moisturised, nourished, and visibly radiant.

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Mud Sauna

Applying mud at 47 degrees centigrade over the whole body, this treatment encourages the elimination of toxins and leaves muscles supple and relaxed.

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Thermal Mud Detox

Specifically created to assist the elimination of toxins and excess water, this treatment combines warm mineral rich mud with a draining massage.

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Thermal Mud Beauty Treatment

Using our special mud based cosmetic this massage treatment encourages better expulsion of excess water, reduction of cellulite and general toning up of the skin.

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Thermal Mud Body Scrub

Using thermal mud products to affect a deep cleansing of the whole body, this treatment will leave your skin radiant and re-nourished.

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Exfoliating Body Treatment

A cleansing and re-nourishing treatment for the body which leaves skin glowing as dead skin cells are removed. Recommended as a preparation for further treatments.

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Whole Body Mud Pack

Combining massage techniques with the beneficial properties of mud, this treatment will leave feeling thoroughly relaxed and reinvigorated.

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Etruscan Mud Ceremony

Used since Etruscan times, this treatment combines manipulation of the feet with the application of thermal mud and leaves you both physically and mentally relaxed and regenerated.

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Thermal Mud Ritual

This exclusive treatment, with origins in the Etruscan period, combines the action of mineral rich thermal mud with that of the naturally sulphurous spring water and plant infusions through a special massage to leave you thoroughly relaxed.

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Thermal Mud


This treatment reduces the formation of cellulite through a combination of mineral rich thermal mud and draining massage action, leaving you with an immediate sensation of lightness.



Exploiting the properties of our thermal mud, this treatment imparts elasticity to the skin, leaving it toned and compact. 

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Thermal Mud Leg Treatment

Designed to combat circulatory problems associated with the venal and lymphatic systems, this treatment uses bindings and massage techniques, combined with mud, to affect a notable improvement and leave you feeling lighter.

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