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Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments have been specially created to impart radiance to the skin and encourage optimal hydration in order to combat the signs of ageing.

Vitamin C facial treatment

This treatment imparts luminosity to the skin and is indicated for those with stressed and tired skins. It is also effective in removing impurities.

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Facial regeneration Treamtment

Combining an exfoliating thermal products with a draining massage this treatment restores tone and vigour to the skin and is an ideal preparation before sunbathing, helping to maintain luminosity and freshness.

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Facial Cleansing

Effectuated with specially created thermal cosmetic products, this treatment removes impurities and restores natural radiance to the skin, preparing it to better receive more specific treatments. The treatments also includes hair removal around the lips and eyebrows.

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Specific Thermal Treatments

Nourishing Treatment with Honey

Purifying Treatment with Witch-Hazel

Moisturising Treatment with Hyaluronan

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Facial Beauty Massage

A toning massage which, thanks to the combination of massage techniques and specific cosmetic products, encourages the natural processes of oxygenation which impart elasticity and tone to the skin.

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Lymph Draining Facial Treatment

Employing massage techniques which encourage lymph circulation and the expulsion of excess fluid, this treatment is focused on the face and neck areas.

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Facial Mud Mask

Enriched with phytotherapeutic estracts, vitamins, and essential oils, we offer three different mud masks – “Purifying”, “Nourishing” and “Moisturising”. Simply choose the mask that suits your need.

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