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Our rituals are composed by beauty and deep relaxation treatments, that give to the body a feeling of balance and wellbeing. 

Each path is designed with different handedness to get new energy and relaxation.


* prices are per person

Harmony & Balance

Harmonising route based on vegetable oils as lavender, mauve and vanilla and offers a soothing, detoxifying and balancing action.

This series of treatments consists of the application of special oils, based on natural vegetable extracts and essences, through a massage technique known as “air and earth” which aims to impart balance and equilibrium to your body. It is completed with an aromatherapy Jacuzzi.

Add Individual - 55' | 75

Add Couple - 55' | 140


Rejuvenating treatments based on vegetable oils that thanks to the action of lesser calamint, sandalwood and Juniper offers a revitalizing and stimulating action on the microcirculation.

This treatment consists of a total body peeling scrub, an aromatherapy Jacuzzi and, finally, a toning massage all of which will impart energy to your body leaving you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Add Individual - 55' | 75

Add Couple - 55' | 140


A beauty Elixir made from milk that, as from ancient recipes, has nourishing, protective and regenerating effects.

This series of treatments starts with a butter body scrub and is followed by a Jacuzzi with milk whey before proceeding to a slow and deep penetrating massage to leave your skin thoroughly moisturised and nourished.

Add Individual - 55' | 80

Add Couple - 55' | 150


This cycle of anti-stress treatments starts with the use of specific manual techniques to impart a deep relaxation of your body. This is followed by an aromatherapy Jacuzzi and, finally a full body massage which, thanks to the active ingredients in the orange, lemon balm and Hawthorn, will help you recover a state of deep relaxation.

Add Individual - 55' | 75

Add Couple - 55' | 140