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Oriental Massages

We offer an extensive range of massages based on the ancient traditions of the near and far east and incorporating our own spa traditions.

Abandon yourself to the pleasures they offer!

Four Elements Massage

Focused on re-establishing your bodily harmony, this massage aims to manipulate the 4 elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air in such a way as to bring them back to their natural states of harmony.

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Unction of the Chakras

Focusing on the 7 chakras, or the points of energy as noted in Ayurvedic medicine, this massage re-orientates the flow of energy through the body to encourage their natural balance and leave you thoroughly revitalised.

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Reflexology Massage

A holistic massage which focuses on specific points on the feet which correspond to precise parts of the body, both internal and external, this treatment reactivates your natural equilibrium and ability to capacity to self-heal.

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Energetic Massage

Using warm aromatic oils, this massage induces a general state of balance and harmony in the body, eliminating fatigue and inducing a better sense of general wellbeing.

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