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Therapeutic Massages

Say goodbye to aches and pains and other mild ailments with one of our specially created therapeutic massages. Consult our medical staff for further information.

Swedish Massage

This classic therapeutic massage employs specific techniques designed to soothe away aches and pains and restores the optimal functioning of muscles and joints. Ideal after a mud bath treatment.

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Add 55' | 70

Decontracting Massage

Created specially for unknotting tight or blocked muscles, this deep penetrating massage is especially indicated for those with localised problems in specific areas of the body.

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Add 55' | 70

Sports Massage

Created to encourage the correct functioning of the muscular-skeletal system before undertaking sporting activity, this treatment is also effective in eliminating excess lactic acid which commonly occurs after sporting activity.

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Add 55' | 70

Lymph Draining Massage

Employing techniques which favour the correct functioning of the lymphatic system, this massage encourages the natural drainage of excess fluid.

Add 55' | 70


Undertaken in the water, where body weight is perfectly suspended, this massage relaxes mind and body.

Add 25' | 50

Relaxing Massage with thermal trace elements

A total body massage which uses thermal products rich in trace elements that are worked into the through massage techniques designed to eliminate muscle tension. Excellent if take after a mud bath treatment.

Add 55' | 70

Reinvigorating Foot

Using special techniques this massage relieves tiredness and tension in the feet and reduces swollenness.

Add 25' | 40