Our cuisine is a synthesis between pleasure and quality of life.
At STR the concept of hospitality and well-being moves everything, including the idea of catering. Our cuisine best declines the quality of the dishes through a conscious choice of raw materials with dishes aimed at those who love each other, living food as a pleasure, as a moment of aggregation but also as a prevention towards a path of quality, life and pleasure.


The Ethical Diet is a nutrition project that proposes food as a primary source of well-being.

Nutrition as the first prevention and treatment, respecting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. These are menus and dishes rich in antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties, created in synergy between our chefs and our health management following comparisons and studies with the National Cancer Research Institute of Milan. A virtuous path to be lived with awareness, also capable of responding to any types of disorders in an adequate and effective way.
Our health management will be happy to deepen this project with you by answering your questions: ask them for our free dedicated handbook "The Ethical Diet".


Il Ristorante L’Olivo è il tempio gourmet della ristorazione STR.



Bistrot, l'ultimo nato in casa STR, è uno spazio colorato, caldo ed accogliente, un’area di charme dedicata alla colazione dei nostri ospiti hotel da cui iniziare la giornata con energia.


Cocktail Bar

Un suggestivo angolo adiacente alla sala lettura e alla reception che si affaccia nel parco hotel.


Coffee Relax

Il Coffee Relax della spa è di fatto un suggestivo belvedere sulle crete senesi. L’ampio punto di ristoro offre primi piatti, carpacci, piacevolissimi piatti unici e classici spuntini.



Il Sunset è la terrazza bar del Parco Piscine Termali, aperta nel periodo che va dalla primavera all’inizio dell’autunno.