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Advice & Suggestions

In order to choose the time suitable for you, we advise you to book treatments in advance. All treatments are subject to availability. It is possible to book via email (mail, telephone (+ 39 0577724030) or, if you are already in the hotel, dialling 120 or 121 from the telephone in your room. We also advise you to consult our staff when choosing treatments.

On your arrival
We suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment is due to begin. Taking thing slow, after all, is part and parcel of relaxation. Where a treatments begins later than arranged, it will finish in any case at the arranged time so as to allow us to honour subsequent bookings.


Medical Staff
We have a specialist and dedicated medical staff available and we strongly recommend that your consult them for whatever query you may have at whatever stage of your stay. For those with illnesses or medical problems, it is necessary to first of all have an informal chat with our medical staff.

Masseurs & Masseuses
For whatever treatment you opt for, you can ask specifically for a male or female operator. On the basis of their availability we will do our best to oblige.

What to wear
Please wear a bathrobe and flip-flops in the Wellness Centre. These can be hired from reception.

Privacy & Relax
The Wellness Centre is an area of relaxation as is our whole resort. We ask that in communal areas you switch off your cell phones and to speak quietly.

Where it is impossible to keep your appointment we ask you to notify us 24 hours before. Failure to do so may result in charges being made anyway.

Hair removal & sunbathing
To avoid possible irritation we suggest that depilation and/or shaving been done at least two hour before or two hours after sunbathing. For information regarding sunbathing after treatments, please refer to our staff.

We ask our guests to dress for meals taken in the main restaurant. It is possible to use the Lounge Bar in swimming costume and bathrobe.

Environmental Care
An awareness of our environment is an essential aspect of wellbeing. Please by mindful of the number of towels you use and please do not litter our parks and gardens.

While we do allow small pets in your room and parks and gardens, they are not allowed in areas where treatments or bathing are effected.

Your views
We gratefully accept comments and suggestions of every kind and invite you to complete a short questionnaire, available from reception, in order to help us improve your stay, thanking you in advance for your collaboration.