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Everything you need for your beauty, through high quality products for body care, advanced machinery and specialized personnel.

Hair Removal

Effectuated with honey enriched wax to guarantee a lasting effect.

Add Total | 55' | 42,00 €

Add Partial | 25' | 27,00 €


Aesthetic treatment of the hands, fingers, and nails, including the application of protective varnishes.

Add Manicure with moisturising poultice | 55' | 60,00 €

Add 25' | 28,00 €


Aesthetic treatment of the feet, toes, and nails, including the application of protective varnishes.

Add 55' | 42,00 €

Luxury Pedicure

A pedicure followed by a footbath with mint and rosemary peeling product worked into the feet with a soothing massage to leave your feet feeling light and refreshed.  

Add + Pedicure | 80' | 80,00 €

Add 25' | 45,00 €


A shower-style solarium with long-wave UV rays at high pressure, allowing uniform tanning in a short period of time.

Add 12' | 14,00 €