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Our Spring Waters

The precious spring waters which bubble up from the ground at San Giovanni have notable therapeutic properties, recognised by the Ministry of Health. They are particularly effective in dealing with complaints relating to articulation of the joints, the respiratory system, dermatological ailments, and muscular problems.

Not just a relaxingly luxurious day out, our waters are also a fountain and health and wellbeing.


Our natural thermal water springs from the earth at 39 degrees centigrade and are rich in sulphur and calcium bicarbonate which, together with the heat of the water itself, render of thermal spring water such a rich font of health.

They are especially effective in combating ailments relating to the muscular-skeletal system and to respiratory disorders.

As well as conferring an immensely pleasurable experience in itself, soothing muscles and washing away aches and pains, taking the waters at San Giovanni has noticeable effects on a range of dermatological problems from acne to eczema.

Inhaling vaporised water also improves the functioning of the respiratory system.