Following certain illnesses or surgical interventions, the physiological problems that can arise are numerous.
Our Centre for Physiotherapy offers a wide range of individualised programmes focused on the skeletal articulation and muscular systems.
Our physiology staff draw upon expert experience in both traditional techniques and complementary approaches, evaluating each individual case before deciding on a specialised regimen.  Our rehab treatments deal with problems deriving from prosthetic implants, tendon damage, joint articulation, spinal column disturbances, muscular atrophy, skeletal breaks and fractures, arthritic and osteoporosis conditions, rheumatoid arthrosis, and many others.
Our treatments include the following therapeutic approaches:
Specialised medicine
Hydrokineitherapy (physiotherapeutic treatments in water)
Gym based rehab
Postural gymnastics
Pool based gymnastics and physiotherapy
Thermal mud treatments
Diet and nutrition
Personal training
Group based acquagym activties