Integrated Rehabilitation for women

Combining the techniques of modern medicine and the very best complementary medical practices, of rehabilitation services are effective and will leave your feeling in great shape.
With regards to breast neoplasms, San Giovanni Terme Rapolano has created a range of preventative, rehabilitation, and maintenance treatments all built around the concept of integrated medicine. 



Each case is evaluated individually by our expert medical staff, all working closely together and actively placing the patient at the centre of the treatment.  These treatments include personalized medical therapies, dietary regimes, physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy, and acupuncture. 

We offer three courses of treatment:


Reducing the risks of any diagnosis is always important. For this reason, San Giovanni Terme has created a cycle of treatments based on lifestyle choices which reduce the risks of developing abnormal tissue growths and neoplasm recurrence.

Post-Surgery rehabilitation

Recovery is a complicated procedure that requires the practiced guidance of various medical experts.
San Giovanni is dedicated to both short and long term rehabilitation programmes following breast surgery that encompass the spectrum of issues that surgical intervention reveals, from lymphedema to axillary web syndrome, and from possible collateral effects caused by pharmacological substances used during treatment.

Maintaining The Cure

For a cure to be lasting, one needs to maintain what one has achieved. Both group and individual activities, guided by the expert physiologists of San Giovanni, offers the chance to conserve the gains you’ve made and maintain a merited sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.